EDGE Extended – A Wonderful 3D Extension

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Length: 4/5

Great challenging platforming gameplay | Absolutely amazing 3D design | Three control options

Can be frustrating at times | A bit tough to line up your cube when moving on to a bridge below.

Game Info


DEVELOPER(S): Mobigame

GENRE(S): Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): August 25th, 2011

EDGE is back again in EDGE Extended with a new 3D engine that you can experience across 44 new challenging levels. Now that Tim Langdell can no longer lay claim to EDGE, Mobigame is free to release a sequel. If you’re unfamiliar with the original you play as a cube, and you flip edge over edge as you maneuver through geometric environments. The game has a beautiful visual style with the new 3D engine, the color changing cube, and the eerie futuristic environments of a white world and a black void around. Also, there’s a deluxe fast paced techno soundtrack with 23 new tunes in Extended.

The game picks up where the original left off giving the same basic gameplay, but introducing new elements, and complex level layouts. You need to climb up and down cubed stairs, use switches, and move quickly over falling bridges. There are block segments that move to create obstacles, and Extended comes with a new black cube which triggers actions up ahead of you. Every level shifts and readjusts occasionally as you’re moving about, so that you never know what’s coming next.

If just completing every level wasn’t tough enough, there are also multiple prisms to collect as an extra challenge. The gameplay is simply extraordinary as you maneuver through such interesting levels, with multiple obstacles at each turn. The complexity arises from having no limits in level creation because you’re in an open cubed world. A really nice aspect is that there are three control options with drag, tilt, or on screen buttons to let you find the ones best suited for you.

EDGE Extended ($0.99, Universal) continues the great Edge action, and extends it with new obstacles, gameplay elements, and a new graphics engine. This is one of the most intricate platformers on any platform, and it fits so well in the iOS world. EDGE Extended is a must buy for only $0.99 that you will thoroughly enjoy every aspect of.


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