Endless Reader – Taking The Alphabet To The Next Level

3.5 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Great art design & animations | Top notch interactive features | Enjoyable learning

Only one word per letter | A bit too obvious | Limited long term use


If you have a young one in the house who’s just learning their ABCs, then there are some valuable iOS apps to help. Endless Alphabet launched in January this year, and stood out by providing cute monsters, and numerous interactive features to help kids learn the alphabet. Now, the developers have followed it up with Endless Reader, which is an extension of the series to focus on words. The building blocks of the alphabet should already be available, and now kids can put their skills to work to form words, and sentences.
Endless Reader maintains what made Endless Alphabet good, and that’s the inclusion of cute monsters that have character. There is one word for each letter of the alphabet, and all you have to do is drag each letter to form the word. The app is about learning, so there’s a silhouette of each letter to make it easy to place. When you touch to drag a letter, it comes to life, and pronounces the sound of the letter in the particular word. Once you form the word, you then are given a sentence where the word is used. There are three words to drag into the sentence, again with the silhouette method, and each one is pronounced as you drag it into position. There are also animations where the word embodies the object like the word ball forming a sphere, dog barking, and cake complete with candles.

The app is designed to combine sight and sound to reinforce the meanings of each word. There’s nothing particularly challenging since everything is spelled out with the silhouettes to guide you, but there’s still learning potential. The main thing is learning spelling, pronunciation, and meaning. The app provides detailed animations to bring the words and sentences to life to help little ones associate the different words with real world objects. It’s definitely for beginners, and makes learning enjoyable and memorable. It would be nice to see more than one word per alphabet letter, but the app does do a good job of using earlier letters in later sentences. The app is free for the first six letters of the alphabet, a-f, with the other 20 available through a one time $2.99 in-app purchase.

Endless Reader (Free, Universal) is a lively education app that reinforces spelling, letters, pronunciation, and meaning making it worth picking up for the full $3 if you have little ones.


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