Exiles – A Huge Sci-Fi Adventure To Explore

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

A huge world to explore | Compelling storyline | Great items to use

Tedious enemy combat | Redundant enemy waves | Not that challenging


A short time in the future, in a galaxy not that far away comes Exiles from the makers of Ravensword. It delivers a 3D Sci-Fi RPG open world adventure that lets you play as an Elite Enforcer in a world in which Earth was abandoned. You play in a new human colony on a new planet that has its own set of corrupt government officials, thirst for power, and greed. Exiles delivers a relatively compelling storyline as a backdrop to a deluxe game creation. The 3D graphics engine is definitely of high quality, though the character models are the only stand outs with the environments relatively bland.
The heart of the game is the open world RPG adventure, which is definitely reminiscent of Ravensword when you first fire it up. Exiles emphasizes action RPG, but with a space set-up, which gives you access to laser powered weapons, robotic guards, and huge aliens. The best part of Exiles is that it sends you right into the action, so that you’re facing off against aliens within the first couple of minutes. The action doesn’t let up from there as the story evolves, sending you into tougher regions. There’s a huge world to battle through, and explore with multiple sectors of the new colony that you can explore with hover bikes, and mech suits. Exiles delivers inherent entertainment with the world you get to partake in, and the items you get to use.

There’s a familiar virtual control scheme that gets the job done as you get to play as one of three different character classes, with each one offering a unique special ability to activate. There’s no doubt that Exiles is jam packed with features, but through it all there are some definite annoyances in the execution. The biggest problem is that enemy battles can be quite tedious as many enemies can take way too many hits, so you’re just monotonously attacking. Another issue is that the game isn’t all that challenging, and the main difficulty comes from a war of attrition. You often have to go through numerous waves of the same enemy set-up with little variation. With that said, there’s a huge adventure to partake in that is compelling enough to make up for the misgivings.

Exiles ($4.99, Universal) delivers a deluxe space adventure that is worth picking up to give you a whole lot to play.

$4.99, Universal


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