Extinction Squad – Only A Dodo Would Miss This One

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Overloaded with engaging action | Outstanding unlockables | Great personality & design

You finger can burn after playing so much | Could use more zones

There’s a long running joke that Dodos went extinct by not being able to fly, and yet dumb enough to jump off of cliffs. Extinction Squad is a new game based on that joke, and presents a storyline where Chuck Darwin has brought the Dodo back from the brink. The problem is that the Dodo’s desire to jump off of cliffs has infected the other animals, and now it’s up to Chuck Darwin and his crew to save the jumping animals. You simply control two scientists with a trampoline, and simply slide your finger back and forth to bounce all of the jumpers to safety.

The game comes from PikPok and Adult Swim Games who last collaborated on Monsters Ate My Condo, and are also responsible for Bird Strike, Slam Dunk King, Bring Me Sandwiches, and Robot Unicorn Attack among others. The trampoline game style has been seen before in Moverama, Ninja Ponk, Cowabunga, Panda Circus, Penguin Palooza, and more. Extinction Squad easily stands out because of the personality and polish included that PikPok and Adult Swim have come to been known for. You begin with a super simple control scheme, and then pile on the action allowing you to be overwhelmed, but still be in total control.

The animals come at you feverishly whether it’s dodos, lions, pandas, gorillas, and more across Africa, Amazon, Asia, North and South America, and Antarctica. There are two different game modes beginning with adventure where you travel and unlock the new regions. Then there’s countdown where you begin with 30 seconds, and try to reach ever growing checkpoints by saving animals to replenish the clock. Both modes are packed with action and enjoyment, and they provide two relatively unique experiences. The biggest take away is the sheer amount of animals jumping down, requiring you to rapidly move the trampoline, and to make things more difficult there are also bombs to dodge.

The game is set-up with a challenge system similar to Jetpack Joyride where you save 50 dodos, travel through locations in adventure mode, and dodge bombs to earn stars and level up. There’s also a coin system to unlock the new areas, and it gives you something to shoot for as you keep playing the game. You can buy the coins, but it’s so much more enjoyable to earn them by leveling up, and spinning the wild wheel. It’s just such an engaging experience, and there’s a wonderful design as well whether it’s the changing faces of bouncing animals or the goofy blood splattering deaths of missed animals.

Extinction Squad ($0.99, Universal) is a top notch action game that keeps you coming back to save more and more animals. It’s a must buy that is overflowing with action, enjoyment, and personality with great challenges and unlockables mixed in.


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