Facetune – Fine Tuning Your Portraits With Ease

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Intuitive touch based interface | Powerful controls | Relatively realistic results

iPhone only | Some features can wash out the face


With such a superficial society, and all kinds of Photoshop optimizations being done to celebrities, and it’s no wonder why an app like Facetune would be so popular. Facetune is an iOS app that gives you the power of many Photoshop techniques to apply to your own portrait photos. For just a few bucks, you can have tools that pros use for hundreds of dollars, and in a much simpler package too. Facetune is a bit like Handy Photo for providing professional photo editing techniques in an intuitive touch based package for a minimal fee.

Facetune includes ten different tools at your disposal, and each one is touch based. You can whiten teeth by just dragging your finger over the choppers for example. One of the most practical features is the smooth tool, allowing you to simply touch up acne and other blemishes with your finger on the specific spots. There’s also the patch tool to select an area of smooth skin, to overlay on to another section that isn’t looking as nice. You can also add details to the best parts of your face for a more striking look. The tones tool is another worthwhile utility allowing you to select a part of the face to grab that color, and then use it on a different part for a more uniform look.
Each one couldn’t be easier to use as you simply tap or drag your finger to literally fine tune your portrait. The functions are available elsewhere, but not in such an easy and intuitive package. It gets to the point that it feels like magic to see the face transformed beneath your fingertip, and the changes look completely authentic. There’s so much power at your fingertips, and that includes the reshape tool allowing you to grab a point on the outside of the face to pinch it inwards to provide a thinner look. The backend makes for intelligent resizing, as it does for the smoothing and patch tools to blend with the appropriate skin tones. To round out the package, you can defocus certain regions of a photo, and even apply effects all in an attempt to make the portrait stand out as well as possible.

Facetune ($2.99, iPhone) is an extremely valuable app in today’s day and age with a deluxe feature set that provides authentic looking results accessible through an intuitive touch interface. It’s a great way to brighten up any portraits you have making it a should buy. Facetune is like the anti FatBooth, providing a photo booth style app that actually improves your look. Now anyone can have the photo good looks of a celebrity with no experience or hundreds of dollars required.


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