Fading Fairytales – Battling For Happily Ever After

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Completely accessible | Can play in short bursts | Amusing storyline

A bit on the repetitive side | Can be a grind to reach the next boss battle


Fairytales provide a rich catalog from which to draw from whether it’s the basis for movies, TV shows, or even games. Fading Fairytales is a new iOS game that has a storyline depicting an evil force taking over well known fairytale characters. You must battle these characters to bring peace back to the lands, and battle back the dark force. To do so, you get to perform tactical strategy battles that are made surprisingly accessible. Tactical strategy games can be overbearing for some, but the combination of the humorous fairytale storyline, straightforward touch gameplay, and free to play style allows anyone to play.
The game really couldn’t be easier to play, and the difficulty curve increases nicely, so that the basics are intuitive to focus on the challenge at hand. Each battle is presented on a grid game board, and you simply double tap to move to specific squares, or perform attacks. You have three players at your disposal to work together to take on a wide variety of enemies. The game board shows all of your potential moves with blue squares to move to, and red squares to attack allowing you to focus on the enemy, rather than the gameplay mechanics. Another friendly aspect is that each battle is quite short, made for quick pick up and play on the go.

There are three main realms to battle in with each one containing numerous battles that increase the difficulty of the enemies. It’s very easy to just keep going from battle to battle, since they’re so quick, and lead to advancement through the storyline. The art style is also inviting, and while it’s easy to tap to control, it is a bit tedious at times to double tap on specific squares, which subtly overlap in the 2D environment, and 3D game board. As stated earlier, the game is free to play, and the IAP isn’t overbearing at all, and instead just gives you the choice to upgrade your items faster, and unlock special extra characters.

Fading Fairytales (Free, Universal) is fast, free, and friendly that is designed for anyone to enjoy making it worth picking up for inviting tactical strategy action.


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