Fantastical – Simply Fantastic Calendar App

4.5 Overall Score
Usability: 5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Great natural language entry creation | Smooth touch controls | Focus on events

No way to emphasize any events | Secondary edits don't seem to show up on outside calendars

The stock iOS calendar app leaves a bit to be desired, and there are a number of third party apps trying to fill the void. Fantastical is the latest competitor, and it comes to iPhone from the Mac. Fantastical is all about making your calendar fast and fun to use so you’re not stuck monotonously filling out the details page to create events. The main aspect is natural language recognition allowing you to type out the details of your meeting in one line without multiple fields of entry.

One example is “record podcast every Thursday at 6PM”, and Fantastical fills out your calendar with just that simple line. After using the app for all kinds of scheduling, it has nailed the details every time. You can set-up alternating Tuesdays, everyday events, multi-day appointments, and more just with natural language. To take the idea of language a step further, you can use dictation on a Siri enabled iPhone to enter your appointment details. It’s effortless to set-up your calendar, and that’s the most important aspect of any Calendar app.

There are a number of other features as well beginning with a simple swipe down to switch between the DayTicker and calendar view. Also, when creating a new event the app shows your other events at around the same time to let you see if there’s any crossover. Fantastical connects with the multitude of calendars iOS supports, and any entry in Fantastical goes to the other calendars for cloud syncing. There’s an intelligent search as well, and the entire app lets you focus on your appointments rather than simply the days.

Fantastical ($1.99, iPhone) is quite simply fantastic, and a must buy that will easily be your new default calendar app.


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