Fetch – Saving Your Pup In An Arcade Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Varied gameplay | Super high quality design | Immersive & engaging | Nice replay factor

Main adventure is on the short side | Some slow moving stretches

Adventure games are really flourishing on the iPad as it seems the device is just made for the next generation of point and click adventure games. Fetch is the latest addition to the App Store, and it comes from Big Fish Games, and has connections to their excellent Drawn series. In Fetch, you play as a little boy trying to rescue his stolen dog in a futuristic robot driven world. You will need to travel through sewers, islands, factories, and more to rescue your pup, and it’s quite an experience to behold on your iPad.

Fetch distinguishes itself from the crowd in a number of ways beginning with gameplay that combines arcade, and adventure into one. As you’re exploring each scene, and advancing through various environments, you will come across various arcade machines. There arcade games are intrinsically tied to progressing the storyline so you will need to shoot monsters, feed a rainbow fish, blast away pirate ships, pilot a spaceship, and more with all delivering fast paced action that is reminiscent of other arcade titles. There are puzzle adventure elements as well as you need to unlock clues in the environment, collect various objects, and move between scenes to unlock the path forward. All of it combines for an engaging journey that delivers a lot of variety to keep you playing.

One of the most surprising aspects of Fetch is the replay factor as adventure games usually offer just one play through. Not Fetch, thanks to the arcade style, high score leader boards, Game Center achievements, and collectable dog tags all inviting you to play through Fetch again. The entire adventure is delivered through wonderfully polished cartoon artwork with the design is reminiscent of those Pixar animated shorts before the feature films. The storyline is easy to follow, and invest in despite virtually no words spoken throughout.

There’s a whole lot to like, especially since a majority of the game is just figuring out the path forward rather than spoon feeding you solutions. One neat aspect is that there are so many interactive elements in each scene of the game allowing you to tap on a wide variety, like a good interactive storybook app. The game can be tedious at times though, with some slow movement, loading screens to most extra elements, and some imprecision when moving or selecting an item. These are minor occurrences, as Fetch is one well crafted experience that you will definitely appreciate. The main storyline does go by relatively quickly for an adventure game, but there are some good replay factors as discussed above, which other adventure games don’t offer.

Fetch ($4.99, iPad) delivers the total package to provide a lasting impression that is a treat to explore on the iPad making it a should buy.

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