Fibble – From Crysis To Flicking Furball Fun

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Engaging and unique ball launching/rolling gameplay | Beautiful design

Very short overall game | Levels are a bit on the easy side as well

Crytek is known for making the outstanding console series Crysis, so it was surprising to see an iOS release from them. More surprising was how different their iOS release is than their deluxe first person shooters. Fibble is a ball rolling physics puzzle game that couldn’t be more different than Crysis, but seems to fit the popular genre for mobile. Fibble has crash landed in a house on Earth, and now needs your help to launch him through 30 different levels in four parts of the house. The theme and gameplay is similar to the Marbians, but there are definite enhancements with the Crytek 3D engine.

In each level you pull back and launch Fibble, and your goal is to keep his momentum going to roll through the entire level. The game plays more like mini golf than Angry Birds, as you try to collect all the coins and three stars before reaching the end cup. In each set of levels, there is a new friend to help Fibble maintain momentum whether it’s jumping, changing direction, or boosting. There are intricate paths, and you need to decide the right path to collect everything as well as place specific friends in the best spots.

The gameplay is simply enjoyable with true puzzle elements to solve, and then the action stage of performing the level. Fibble is a bit on the easy side, and most of the levels only take one try to get three stars. There are only 30 relatively small levels too, which makes the entire game a short experience. There are many aspects to like, but there just isn’t that much of it overall.

Fibble ($1.99, iPhone / $4.99, iPad) is another fun physics puzzle game with a new gameplay style. The game is worth picking up, but it’s all about momentum, and yet the game runs out of it relatively quickly leaving you wanting more.


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