Fifa 12 – A Great Shot On Goal

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Length: 4.5/5

Free flowing gameplay with authentic player motions | Smooth gameplay that is plenty of fun

Huge file at one GB | A bit too easy at times

Game Info

APP NAME: Fifa 12


GENRE(S): Sports

RELEASE DATE(S): September 29th, 2011

Fifa by EA Sports is back for the new year, and Fifa 12 packs a strong kick. Fifa 11 was a really solid game, and EA Sports’ best sports game, but had tough competition with X2 Soccer, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Real Soccer. Fifa 12 improves on the game considerably, and really feels new for ’12, which is the opposite of the failed Madden 12. Fifa 12 is a full 11 on 11 soccer sim, and this year features outstanding player animations for quite authentic movement as players are running and kicking all over the field. The player design isn’t remarkable in anyway, but the players get out of the way to focus solely on the player animations, and overall flow of the game.

There is a brilliant pace for constant action, but never losing the feel of soccer. The one consistency is the free flowing nature which allows the ball to bounce off the keeper, post, or other players, and you can keep interacting. Many other mobile soccer games have very static motion without the random nature of the ball interaction with players. There is always such a great chance to score or prevent a score, and there’s so much fun around the goal. When you take a shot, you might get a second chance because of a ricochet, so you always need to be ready.

This is a true to life simulation, and you always feel in control of the action. Fifa 12 features a great control scheme with virtual joystick and buttons that feel great at your fingertips. There are also swipe based mechanics with special moves by tapping a button and dragging, or drawing your shot on special kicks. The controls allow for such precise movement, passes, and shots. The game features officially licensed players with the most well known soccer clubs and players on earth with the English Premier League, La Liga, and even MLS. Fifa 12 also features the neat instant replay feature so you can see your moves and shots in slow motion, and from different angles.

Included in the new year is manager mode allowing you to play any team’s full season. You also get to manage your team by adjusting the roster and line-ups as well as making trades, scouting players, and even adjusting staff. There is also a very neat daily challenge mode which gives you one situation to complete everyday, for example making a penalty kick in the 72nd minute. Fifa Soccer 12 does everything well to create a really great mobile soccer sim that is unmatched on iOS devices. The game may be a bit too easy for soccer aficionados, but it will be tons of fun for most iOS users. One small problem is that the game takes up so much space, weighing in at one GB.

Fifa 12 ($4.99, iPhone / $9.99, iPad) is the best sports game in the App Store with the free flowing nature and authentic style. The gameplay is simply superb because of the open world feel which lets you react to the realistic ball bounces, and player movements. EA must have a different team in charge of their Fifa franchise as compared to their other sports games. because this one is simply great.

Fifa 12 is a must buy for the price that soccer and non-soccer fans will throughly enjoy.


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