Fingle – It’s Twister For Your Fingers & iPad

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Brilliant use of the iPad touch screen | A great two player experience | High quality design

A bit frustrating to hold some sequences | Could use a single player mode.

The iPad has so much potential waiting to be tapped by developers, and Game Oven Studios has done just that. They have a new game, Fingle, which takes advantage of all 10 potential touch inputs the iPad is capable of. The game is like Twister for your fingers as you place your fingers on the colored spots, and try to match up with the given points. There are two color sets, and the game is meant to be played with another as your work together, and your hands get close.

There are over 50 levels across five different sets that increase the challenge as you go with more fingers on screen at once. The game is definitely high on challenge as fingers and hands take up the screen, and you try to use just one hand to accomplish each specific task. Fingle really makes you appreciate the touch responsiveness of the iPad, and that big touch screen. You really need some skills, because the game can become quite frustrating as the points move, and you need to hold in successful position for three seconds.

Fingle ($0.99, iPad) is filled with a unique design tied to 70s stylings backgrounds and audio to such a degree that you’ll think there would be bellbottoms and shag carpeting. The game was recently updated with Valentine’s specific levels, as the entire game was designed with your loved one in mind. This is a two player game like no other in the App Store, though be careful of the overall frustrating feel. Also, be sure to turn off multi-tasking gestures before you begin, and get ready for some challenge. An optional single player mode would be nice to see.

Fingle is worth picking up as it’s quite simply Twister for your fingers, and such an imaginative idea that takes full advantage of the iPad.


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