Fireball SE – An Explosion Of Action

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Action packed | Perfect for pick up and play | Great balance with timed & instant detonations

Could use a tilt control option | Gameplay does become a bit repetitive

We always like to see games that are all action the entire time you’re playing, and Fireball SE is the newest addition. The game is from the makers of super Crossfire, and is based on the Pacifist mode in Geometry Wars. It’s similar to Tilt To Live and FlipShip on iOS, and that’s good company to have. In Fireball, you control a fireball, and move about the geometry based square arena with swarms of blue enemies chasing you. Scattered about the game board are bombs which you can detonate by running into, or provide a timed detonation by moving close to it.

The game provides constant motion and action with huge numbers of enemies always on screen, with the constant goal to create massive explosions to destroy as many enemies at once. There are three different game modes with five unique challenges in countdown and survival mode. Fireball provides perfect gameplay balance so that everyone can pick it up and start enjoying, and there’s even a chill mode for more relaxing play. It’s great to see the fireball and explosion animations, and all of the action really shines on your iOS device.

The enemies have a nice balance with a swarm chasing mentality mixed with a little intelligence for other waves trying to block your future path. The best part is that there’s a constant balance required of the player to survive and build up massive combos as you chose a timed or instant detonation. Huge combos can unlock super novas for massive detonations, and detonations can be tied together as well. The game has a smooth single joystick control, though it would be nice to see a tile option. Also, the gameplay doesn’t differ that much between modes, and we can’t help but compare it to Tilt To Live with multiple weapons and very different game modes.

Fireball SE ($0.99, Universal) fits so well on iOS with tons of action packed into a game that can be played in short bursts. The game does enough to stand by itself, and it’s a thoroughly engaging experience that is a definite should buy.


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