Fish Heroes – Diving Into New Physics Puzzle Depths

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Unique & intricate level design throughout | Easy to play, hard to master | Great 3D visuals

Physics engine is a little bit stiff | May be a bit too easy if you don't care about three stars

The physics puzzle genre has become so packed, that the only way to stand out is take it to a new dimension. Fish Heroes, from Craneballs Studios, is a 3D tower destruction game similar to Catapult King, and in a style very reminiscent of Boom Blox for the Wii. There are cubed characters in Fish Heroes, like Boom Blox, whether it be your own fish or the Shark Mafia you’re aiming for. You can spin the camera 360 degrees around the 3D tower to find just the right angle to aim at, and the most glaring weakness of the shark block tower.

Once you find your shot, you simply pull back and let the fish fly right into the tower to try to knock down all the sharks. As you advance, there are seven different fish types to unlock including the big whale, expanding puffer fish, speeding piranha, corroding octopus, and more. The game features 100 different levels across four undersea environments with ever increasing tower complexity and fish variety. The game is super easy to pick up and play with the control scheme that also has an aiming guide, but still delivers tons of challenge when shooting for three stars. Most levels require just one or two fish to take down the whole tower to earn three stars.

Each level offers up a unique challenge, and really focuses on the puzzle feel because there’s one tiny weakness to find to take down the whole thing with one fish. You’ll need to explore the level 360 degrees to find the best shot because there are more intricacies to the level design because of the third dimension. The 3D block design is superb with plenty of details to the blocks and backgrounds. The physics engine isn’t as fine as some other games, especially when the blocks begin to fall domino style. Still though, it is plenty accurate to be able to use various stacks to fall into others and knock down all of the sharks.

Fish Heroes ($0.99, Universal) makes the genre fresh again, and while it’s a game that can be compared to others, it truly swims on its own. Fish Heroes is a should buy that is a thoroughly engaging puzzle experience throughout the deluxe underwater excursion.

Boom Blow for Wii:


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