Fist Face Fight – Action Packed Punching As The Fist

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Neat idea | Fast paced action | High quality design | Smooth controls

Very simple scope | Basic tapping gameplay | Feels endless, instead very limited


There’s so much potential for new ideas in the App Store, and that’s exactly what Fist Face Fight is. You play as a fist with a bunch of ninja faces coming to destroy your heart. Your goal is to fight them back in a fast paced arcade style game with arena combat action. You end up punching waves of ninja faces in a game that is more like a target tapping assault, than an actual combat game. All you need to do is tap the faces as they come in, and your fist character will automatically move there, and punch them.
The game is set-up with a dojo theme to the point that there are belts to unlock for the leveling up system. There are three objectives for each belt, and you’re also given more time, and waves to deal with as you upgrade. The entire game has an endless feel, but instead it’s surprisingly restrictive. Each round is just a matter of seconds to survive with a set number of waves to deal with. To make matters worse there are just nine belts to unlock, and once you complete black belt you have completed the game with no optional endless mode. Every part of the game screams endless arcade, but instead you’re given a very slim amount of content with the black belt rounds lasting three minutes, which is the longest part of the game.

There’s definitely a high degree of action, a neat idea, and smooth controls, but the entire experience feels so basic. The overall theme is, “Is that it?”, which is the feeling after about three rounds of the game, and about two minutes. Fist Face Fight comes from the maker of the good Cubed Rally Racer series, but this one doesn’t feel like anything more than a game jam demo. The enjoyment is also lacking due to the straightforward nature of the gameplay as well with just tapping on moving targets repeatedly.

Fist Face Fight (Free, Universal) could be so much more, but instead it’s just a very simplistic game that isn’t worth your time.


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