Five Card Quest – Playing A Compelling Hand

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Battles can be a bit repetitive | Some oddities in card performance

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It’s that time again when you gather together a band of heroes, and set on a quest through randomly generated enemies. Five Card Quest is a new turn based RPG that comes from Rocketcat Games, and delivers a familiar, yet fresh style. In each battle, you’re given five cars at any time with each card tied to a different member of your team. There are five character classes, and the cards you get depending on which classes you currently have. The turn based RPG style is surprisingly inviting, allowing for quick pick up and play with a hard to master set-up.
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Your journey is randomly generated as you go from room to room defeating any enemies that you come across as you try to make your way to new regions. It’s always a fresh challenge each time you play based on the way the map is set-up, and which enemies you face. The battles are highly engaging as they move relatively quickly with a lot of damage done by both sides on a given turn. The game is all about becoming familiar with what potential cards can appear for each character class, and then using specific cards at the best time. The guard cards can offer a defensive boost, while the mage cards can provide a fiery attack, and the priest cards can merge healing and attacks together. There are numerous cards for each character, but you have to deal with the ones you’re dealt in your hand of five cards.

The turn based combat is fine tuned for a great flow within each battle in timing up your cards to balance offensive and defensive abilities for your characters. The enemies have frozen animations that show their progression towards attack, and you need to use that system to time up specific cards to counteract their attacks. It all makes for a fun challenge that keeps you plowing through a journey, or restarting on a new journey when your team is defeated. There are some repetitive elements to given battles once you figure out the patterns of specific enemies. The new environments change that nicely, though there are some turns that don’t turn out as you expect with little explanation as to why an enemy didn’t attack, or a card you played was missed without any success percentages applied to your actions.

Five Card Quest ($2.99, Universal) delivers an engaging turn based RPG with a great combination of challenge and wide appeal making for a must have iOS experience.

$2.99, Universal


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