Flashout 3D – Not The Type Of Wipeout We Were Looking For

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

High quality 3D design | Great sense of speed | Nice to attack enemies too

Surprisingly passive experience | The levels start to drag | Few opponents | Lacking action

If you are or aren’t familiar with Wipeout, it’s a super fast paced futuristic racer where you’re driving a hover craft on unique courses. There have been many attempts to bring the style to iOS, and Flashout 3D may be the best attempt yet. You pilot futuristic hover crafts in races with four others, and you travel through speedy tracks that provide sensational curves. The first thing you notice is the outstanding 3D visuals that present the beautiful race tracks with ornate details, and lighting, though there are some rudimentary elements in the surroundings.

The next thing you notice about Flashout is the sense of speed where it truly feels like you’re flying along. This is one of the fastest games I’ve experienced on iOS, and there’s never a moment you are not transfixed on the screen. Every race is all about maintaining speed so you’re goal is not to bump up against the sides while trying to keep flying over boosts. There are nice and challenging courses once you’re moving at high speeds, at after the first race the speed is outstanding. With all of the speed, the controls are important, and it does take awhile to get used to them, but the tilt controls can be quite smooth. You will still end up colliding with the sides from time to time, but you are going at very high speeds.

If racing wasn’t enough you also have weaponry at your disposal allowing you to shoot down opponents ahead of you. This increases the action, and the competitiveness of the race. One problem though, is that there are only four opponents so there are a number of sections when you don’t see anyone else on the track. There aren’t that many racing circuits, and after a few races the entire game can start to drag with relatively little action, and you becoming accustomed to the speed. There are some nice aspects to like, but the game does become surprisingly bland pretty quickly with few tracks, enemies, and variations on the base gameplay.

Flashout 3D ($1.99, Universal) looks good on the surface, but it doesn’t have the most depth or long term appeal making it worth skipping despite some good qualities.


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