Fluxx – Amazingly Unique Card Game Now On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Completely unique & engaging card game | Fits great on iOS | Online multiplayer

Games can be slow when restrictive rules are played | Finding online players is tough

Fluxx is a card game that is unlike any other around, and the physical deck of cards has now been translated to iOS thanks to Playdek. Since Fluxx is so unique, it does take a bit to explain, but it starts out simple enough. All you do is draw one card, and play one card, and there are four types of cards to draw. You can draw rules, actions, goals, or keepers, and the rules are the ones that can change the basics of draw one card, play one card. The game definitely shares some qualities with other card games like Uno, and Go Fish, but it’s just so new and thought provoking.

The goals and keepers are the heart of the game, as the object of the game is to collect the two keeper cards that correspond to the one goal card in play. The keeper cards include cookies, brain, and toaster, and a goal simply asks for cookies and milk, so those are the two keeper cards you need. It’s surprisingly simple for a brand new card game concept, but at the same time surprisingly intricate with such a simple objective. The actions and rules cards can flip cards between players, change how many cards can be in your hand, and cause discarding of cards that could be of great value later on.

Fluxx has outstanding gameplay, and that wasn’t a question for the iOS version. Luckily, the iOS version delivers all of the best parts of Fluxx, but without dealing with any physical cards in your hand, on the table, or a chance to get lost or torn up. You can play with 2-4 players with AI players, or friends on the same iOS device. There’s also an option for online multiplayer with Game Center friends or random opponents, and the online component gives new life to Fluxx. The touch controls are smooth, the game board is concise and clear, and the overall design perfectly embodies the card game.

Fluxx ($2.99, Universal) is an amazing card game, and the iOS version delivers everything you could want from Fluxx whether you’re an experienced player or brand new. Fluxx is a must buy that delivers a unique game each time you play with so many aspects always in flux.


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