Flyro – Setting Fire To The Endless Genre

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Dynamic gameplay difficulty | Intuitive controls | Nice flow of action | Long term objectives

Can't escape endless trappings | Lacks some variety in the types of obstacles


There is a seemingly an endless supply of endless games in the App Store, and more keep piling on. Flyro is the latest to set flight in the App Store, and it’s an endless flyer where you play as a fire infused bird trying to save his bird island from a deep freeze beset by the evil Moustermind. There’s a top down perspective, and you simply drag your finger across the bottom of the the screen to maneuver Flyro through crazy obstacles. There are wood barricades, mines, dynamite, rockets, huge boxing gloves, electrified moving hallways, and more. Luckily, you have a special ability that transforms your bird into fire to burn through wood, and it’s activated by simply lifting your finger off the screen.
There’s an extremely intuitive control scheme allowing you to focus on the challenge of the game that is silky smooth to interact with. The simple base becomes quite complex as the speed increases, the obstacles start to move, and you have to keep lifting your finger off the screen for the fire power-up. There’s a random obstacle generator for each run to be unique, and the game takes it a step further with an advanced game engine that adjusts game difficulty as you play. It’s easy to identify the outstanding game balance so that you’re always challenged without it ever being too easy or too hard. There’s added challenge in the objective system providing one specific item to complete per run, with each one helping to unfreeze the bird island. The endless set-up is enhanced due to an overall goal as well as a focused challenge.

The game constantly keeps you on your toes, and it’s just a fresh and fast paced challenge to enjoy. There’s also a nice flourish of personality infused into the art design as well as the end of game insults that come from the Moustermind. If that wasn’t enough, the game has a soundtrack from composer Mike Morasky who provided the music for Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead, and it really rounds out the Flyro package nicely. The only drawback is that the endless nature is bound to feel repetitive relatively quickly due to the fact that there aren’t that many different obstacles. The sequences are generated randomly, but they’re still redundant with various layers of familiarity. That seems to be the case with most endless games, but Flyro excels at the other aspects to distinguish itself.

Flyro ($0.99, iPhone) is a fresh and fun endless flyer that is effortless to control, and excellently designed that is worth picking up.


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