Foldify – Create Your Own New Age Origami

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Effortless to make in app, fold in real world | Tons of customization options | Amazing idea

Editing can be a hassle | Could use more templates

Paper folding hasn’t changed much since the original set of Origami in the second century in China, and sixth century in Japan. There’s plenty of room for innovation in this category, and that’s exactly what Foldify delivers. It’s an iPad app that lets you draw, create, and print the framework to fold deluxe 3D figures out of a single piece of paper. The app lets you craft everything in the app, and then create real figures, and it’s designed so anyone can enjoy it.

There are 15 different templates including cubes, spheres, prisms, and even shapes for houses, cars, and people. Once you pick one, you can then draw whatever you want. Whether you use the paint tools or the high quality stickers for eyes, mouth, nose, arms, clothes, patterns, and more it’s all good. The highlight of the app is that it provides the full folded out layout to draw on, and you get to see the real time 3D preview at the same time. The set-up allows you to really appreciate how the sides fold together.

The app includes a great touch interface as well allowing you to pinch to zoom in on the drawing area, and then draw, or drag and drop objects. The one problem is that some objects do set into place after a period of time, and then you can’t move them again. Once you have your creation, you can then use AirPrint or e-mail as a PDF to print from your computer. Then, it’s time to fold, and the app prints out such a clear item to fold, and the 3D folded creations look so great that you could have a whole collection of them after using the app for awhile. There’s also an online component to share you creations, and print and fold other’s works.

Foldify ($0.99, iPad) is an amazing idea to connect the iPad with the real world, and there’s equal enjoyment in crafting in the app, and then folding the paper result. Foldify is a should buy that is the evolution of Origami.


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