Football Heroes – An All-Out Blitz On The App Store

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Over the top football action | Highly entertaining | Smooth touch controls

A bit repetitive | Power-ups are too powerful | Online multiplayer


Are you ready for some football, in a form that has never been seen before? That’s what’s in store in Football Heroes, which is an arcade football game based on classics, but made with all new touch controls. You get to fully run, pass, and tackle, but what really makes the game stand-out is the ability to punch. A run up the middle is a completely different experience when you’re trying to box your way forward, and opponents are trying to knock you out, literally. Anything goes in this version of football allowing you to knock out receivers on the route, create separation when the ball is in the air, and beat down a quarterback without any worry of penalties.
NFL Blitz is the most well known arcade football game, and Football Heroes is like a 2D version that is more along the lines of Tecmo Bowl, and NBA Jam. It’s simply over the top action that doesn’t have to worry about safety concerns, and instead you’re trying to reach the end zone, and stop the opponent in any way possible. To amp up the arcade style, there are also power-ups letting you use spinning fists, drop bombs, throw flame passes, and more to completely turn the tables on the opponent. A nicely timed power-up can let you go the entire length of the field, or stop an opponent in their tracks. The power-ups replenish every few plays, so they can’t always be used, but you also have to contend with opponents power-ups as well.

Each game is composed of just two halves of 2 minutes each making for extremely fast paced on the go football gaming. There are six championship cups to play through giving your targeted single player against progressively more difficult opposition. Football Heroes also features RPG elements, and card collecting allowing you to level up, and upgrade your team with enhanced players. The entire game is free to play with ads at halftime, and in-app purchases to upgrade you team quicker than the coins you earn in game. The game also features local multiplayer, but online multiplayer isn’t included, and just potentially coming soon.
There are no quality choices for football on iOS with the pitiful Madden & NFL Pro, and the simple mini-games of Backbreaker and Flick Football. Football Heroes is the best yet, though that isn’t saying much, by providing the normal flow of a football game, but amped up by a factor of ten. It’s a whole new way to play, and it’s highly entertaining through the concentrated bursts of a quick moving field, and short halves. The cup mode keeps you coming back, and it’s simply enjoyable to punch your way through the line, knock out receivers, and complete long passes after taking down corners. The power-ups are a neat addition, but they’re a little imbalanced to be too powerful allowing them to dictate the outcome. On the harder difficulties, the computer opponents use them non-stop to make it more frustrating than enjoyable, because there’s no counteraction when one is used. Still though, it increases the challenge, and arcade style, which the game prides itself on.

Football Heroes (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad) is a great game for football fans, or arcade fans allowing for some hectic action on iOS that makes for a worthwhile download.


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