Free Music Download Pro – Free Music, Really?

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You can download free songs

Just a set of links | Not made for iPhone | Poor music player

Do you know the old saying nothing in life is truly free? Well that may apply to the app Free Music Download Pro which sure sounds great from the title. Then you start using the app, and see there are a number of problems with it. First off, you see that free music isn’t really from the app, and instead it just links you to sites that offer free music. You can view these same sites in mobile safari or on your computer, and the app fee for the app is really just giving you links.

The free music you have access to is free for a reason, so don’t expect too much here. This is more about the app than the music though, and the app fails in more ways than one. Another problem is that none of the sites you’re linked to are made for mobile, and the app does nothing to make them iPhone friendly. You also come across subscription pages, and pop-ups not meant for mobile Safari. It’s an extreme hassle going through the free music, and you can’t listen to a preview of anything. You just have to download based upon the band and title which you will most likely never heard of.

If that wasn’t bad enough, downloading music from the sites is hit or miss. Some of the sites don’t even allow you to download music even if you tap on the download link which again goes back to not being formatted for iPhone. Once you find a song to download, the app at least allows for fast downloads and the ability to resume downloads. Once you have a song downloaded you can enjoy the song offline, but you can only listen to the song within the app.

There’s no way to add any downloaded songs to your iPod music player, and the included player is as basic as can be. No tags or album artwork come with the downloads, and everything is extremely basic. If you ever delete the app you lose any songs you downloaded. Your best bet is to just download free songs on your computer, and add them to your iTunes library.

Free Music Download Pro ($0.99, iPhone) is a great example of a terrible app with a great name that can bring purchases in the App Store. This is one you can steer well clear of, and hopefully our warning can at least save one person. There are a number of ways to get free music, but Free Music Download Pro isn’t one of them.


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5 Comments on "Free Music Download Pro – Free Music, Really?"

  1. Ironmike814 July 26, 2011 at 6:06 AM -

    I was just about to download this App and those were my concerns!!! Thank you so much I will not waste money on this app!! Thank you for review n I hope your site continues to post reviews as I will continue to come back!!

  2. Ramy Khuffash August 1, 2011 at 7:47 PM -

    I agree, this app is a stupid ripoff. It seems to be getting good reviews on iTunes though! Its just a bunch of links to poor websites!!!!

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    You made quite a few decent details there. When i looked on the net for the difficulty and found most people will go in conjunction with with your site.

  4. Birthday Quotes September 13, 2011 at 8:55 AM -

    I agree with your Free Music Download Pro App Review – Free Music, Really? | iPhone App/Game Reviews, iPad App/Game Reviews, Apple, Mac, iOS, and App News At AppleNApps, superb post.

  5. Akshay October 18, 2012 at 7:35 AM -

    Suddenly it has stopped playing the songs, I have a collection what should I do now?.

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