Frogger Decades – Celebrating 30 Years Of Frogger

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 2.5/5

Great ideas behind reinventing Frogger | Nice 3D design with new adventure style

Slow paced gameplay | Problematic controls | Lack of gameplay variation

Game Info

APP NAME: Frogger Decades


GENRE(S): Arcade, Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): September 1st, 2011

It’s the 30 year anniversary of the original arcade game Frogger, and Konami has a brand new iOS release to honor the original. Frogger Decades takes the same basic gameplay, but reworks it completely for current gaming standards. There’s an all new 3D world design, story based levels, and all new locations & obstacles. It’s a whole new way to play Frogger as the game becomes an adventure rather than an endless arcade game. You move from section to section jumping between logs, dodging moving creatures, and collecting flies.

There are over ten lengthy levels that are composed of multiple sections and checkpoints. The checkpoints are essential because the game is definitely difficult for a number of reasons. There’s a built-in difficulty of trying to make it through tough stretches of continuous jumps or quick enemies. The controls provide some of the difficulty as well, and it’s all the secondary control options. Movement is easy enough with swipe or on-screen d-pad, but it’s everything else that causes problems. Whether it’s the long jump, double jump, or the inability to change the way Frogger faces, all will end, resulting in death a number of times.

Thankfully, you’re not limited by lives, and your score isn’t impacted by deaths so you can die a bunch of times with no remorse. That feature also takes away some of the incentive to care to make it through the entire story. There is definitely a lot to do, but the gameplay blends together after the first few levels. There are new locations, but all of your actions become the same. The main problem is that it’s just tedious to do anything quickly in the game, and the overall pace is a bit too slow.

Frogger Decades ($1.99, Universal) is a great re-imagination of a classic, but the problems lie in execution. The gameplay is slow moving, and there are some control options that aren’t intuitive, and can cause multiple deaths. Frogger Decades has a great visual style, but gameplay is the most important factor, and it’s definitely lacking.

Frogger Decades is one you can skip despite having so much promise on the surface.


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