Funky Smugglers – The Funk Passes Our Screening

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced fun | Smooth touch controls | High quality funky design

Repetitive in nature | Not much variation after the first few tries

Being an airport scanner is probably a very mundane job, and then you have to deal with all kinds of people who are annoyed by your very existence. Funky Smugglers adds fun and funk to being an airport security scanner by creating an endless arcade experience. Various passengers walk through the X-Ray scanner, and you need to make sure they’re not smuggling in any illegal goods. The passengers have items highlighted in either red or green, and you need to touch and drag away the red items.

This is a simple premise, but the gameplay becomes nice and complex with multiple passengers holding multiple items in quick succession at ever increasing speeds. You can set-up combos by dragging out multiple red items at once, and you can even use multiple fingers. The game is all about the touch controls, and they’re super smooth to precisely maintain a combo while grabbing consecutive items from different passengers without lifting your finger off the screen.

The endless arcade nature means there’s always new incoming flights to check, and there’s a wide variety of passengers. There are also challenges to aim for as in endless runners, and there are various power-ups to collect to enhance the security screening. Also included are online team competitions with a global scoreboard for the two competing factions you can join. The game comes from the makers of Anomaly Warzone Earth, and while it’s a very different style, there’s the same high quality design, just with cartoon artwork. The game nails the funky theme from the character design to the outstanding soundtrack, and it rounds out the engaging experience.

Funky Smugglers ($0.99, Universal) is very well suited for iOS with the fast paced arcade nature, and super smooth touch controls. It’s worth picking up for straightforward simple fun that becomes plenty complex all with an outstanding design. Funky Smugglers passes our screening.


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