Futuridium EP – A Retro Assault On Your Senses

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Intricate level design | Classic arcade style & difficulty | Great 3D visuals

Controls don't allow for precision | Not much depth | The challenge isn't for everyone


There are so many classic arcade games, and they have slowly made the transition to iOS. One of the most notable aspects of retro games is the high difficulty level making for some extreme challenges. Futuridium EP is a new iOS games based on the eighties game Uridium, but redesigned for iOS complete with a brand new graphics engine. There are all kinds of changes, but the difficulty is maintained, so be prepared for it in this revitalization of an arcade classic.

There are 13 challenging levels with each one set-up as an alien ship, and your goal is to destroy all of their cyan energy cubes to reveal the core, and detonate that. The level design is reminiscent of piloting a Star Wars X-Wing through the trenches of the Death Star. There are ornate pathways to fly through to nail all of the energy cubes, and there are also enemy turrets to avoid. To increase the difficulty, you have a constantly depleting energy meter that is replenished as you destroy cubes, but goes down significantly if you crash. The game also features five different gameplay speeds, and your ship can’t slow down so you just need to pilot it more precisely at higher speeds.
The ship is controlled through an on-screen joystick, and you simply tap the action button to fire. Tapping outside of the action button flips the ship 180 degrees, which is an essential maneuver to take a different angle at some cubes, and even fly on the underbelly of the ship. There are intricate 3D visuals accenting the arcade style that include deluxe 3D shapes, bright colors, and color shifting mechanic. It’s a visual treat to see in motion, and there’s also a deluxe 45 minute thumping soundtrack to round out the game. The main drawback is the extreme challenge as it can be a turn off to many as frustration will likely ensue. The movement controls aren’t as precise as they need to be to pilot these intricate courses at high speeds, and sadly that is part of the challenge of this game.

Futuridium EP ($1.99, Universal) is a well designed package that delivers the essence of old school arcade, but stylized with modern flair. The game style isn’t for everyone, and the controls leave a bit to be desired making it worth considering, and just not as good as it could be.

Mac Version (Free, Mac)


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