Galcon Legends – Classic Strategy Made For Everyone

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Strategy made accessible | Effortless to control | Multiple difficulties

Not too different than the original | Could use more levels


Most real time strategy games aren’t made for everyone as they can be overbearing with rules, difficult to understand, and slow moving in nature. Galcon is a real time strategy game that is the antithesis to the normal rules of the genre. First off, the game is made for anyone to pick up on as you simply drag from your colored planet to another planet in an attempt to conquer that planet. Your goal is to conquer the galaxy before your opponent does, and it’s all done through dragging your finger between planets to send your units across the galaxy. The game design is also easy to understand as your units are depicted by bright colored triangles, and the same goes for your enemy’s ships.
Galcon Legends is an all new form of Galcon that maintains the essence of the game, but offers a clearer structure. There’s an actual story mode included with 23 missions to complete based on being an interstellar tax collector. Each level introduces a different character who plays with a unique strategy requiring you to change up your tactics. The game keeps you on your toes with a consistent challenge, and it feels rewarding when you finally defeat an enemy. The best part of the game is that there are multiple difficulty levels with seven different ranks whether it’s ensign, lieutenant, captain, or admiral. The difficulty range greatly adds to the replay factor allowing you to retry earlier levels at higher difficulties.

Everything is designed for anyone to pick up, and start enjoying, and even the most novice players can play through the whole game on the lowest difficulty. Changing the difficulty doesn’t only increase the computer player’s skill level, but also completely changes the galaxy alignment for a fresh level. There are also challenges where you can’t see your enemy’s ships, or the required number of units to conquer a planet. It’s just a well designed strategy game that’s only drawback is that it’s not that different from the original Galcon from 2008. There are enhancements everywhere, but the same structure returns, so if you’re familiar with Galcon, there isn’t much new to see here. Still though, that doesn’t take away from the quality game that Galcon Legends is.

Galcon Legends ($2.99, Universal) is a great way to play strategy on iOS that is a should buy for some fresh challenges.


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