Gasketball – A Whole New Way To Shoot Hoops

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Great combination of sports & physics puzzle | Outstanding online & local multiplayer | High quality design

Power of your shot is tough to gauge | Could use more precision | Some levels are bland

How do you take basketball to the next level? By adding a bunch of gadgets and gizmos to offer physics puzzle enhancements to the classic game of shooting the ball through the hoop. Gasketball is a new take on the sport that comes from the makers of Solipskier, and is a bit reminiscent of StarDunk and Slam Dunk King. The main difference is the puzzle style so that you really need to think before you take each shot.

In each of the levels, you’re given various items and objectives to deal with to make some crazy shots. There are walls, bumpers, treadmills, transporters, gravity shifters, spinners, and more obstacles, and sometimes you to need to bounce the ball a specific number of times or on a certain item first. You never know what the next level will hold, and the fewer shots it takes you to perform the task, the better your score. You’ll never look at basketball the same way, once you think of all the potential complexities that can arrive in Gasketball.

The single player is extensive, but the highlight of the game may be multiplayer beginning with Game Center online H.O.R.S.E. You spin the wheel to determine an objective, and then you’re given certain objects to use. You then need to create your own layout that you can achieve, and then send the challenge to a friend or random opponent. The first one to spell horse by not completing five challenging baskets loses, It’s a whole new way to play basketball one on one. There’s also local multiplayer with head to head on the same iPad with both players facing the same goals on the same screen.

Gasketball (Free, iPad) is a brand new experience that is highly engaging as it offers a whole new way to shoot by yourself or against another. The game is set-up allowing you to download it for free with a one-time$2.99 in-app purchase to unlock all of the content in the game. Gasketball is definitely worth $3 as it provides a great balance of action and puzzle based on the original Naismith creation of tossing a ball into a peach basket.


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