Gears & Guts – Mindless Fun Of Running Over Zombies

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Packed with zombie crushing action | Great 3D visuals | Open-world mission style

Somewhat repetitive | Mindless gameplay can be seen as good or bad | Relatively basic

There are so many types of games that the various genres can fit your varying moods. Sometimes you just want to blast through things, and that’s exactly what Gears & Guts offers. You’re given a car, and you simply drive through all of the zombies on screen smashing through as many as you can. Each zombie you drive through results in an explosion of blood, and the game simply offers mindless destruction. There’s a mission system with an open world style allowing you to just drive around running over zombies if you want. The addition of specific objectives, and varying missions across multiple environments makes the game more than just another endless fare.

As you play through the levels, you earn and unlock new parts to attach to your car including plasma guns, flame throwers, chainsaws, razor blades, spikes, and more. Your car becomes a a zombie killing machine, and there are tons of upgrades and new cars available to always keep your tool of destruction fresh. Despite the relative simplicity of the premise of running over zombies, there’s a surprising amount of engagement. The mission objectives combined with the open world style always gives you something new to do.

The 3D graphical design is a highlight as well, from the environment design to all of the varying zombies and destruction. It’s great to see the blood explode and splatter on to the streets and your car. If you like mayhem, then this game will be right up your alley. It’s amusing and challenging as you drive through tougher and more complex zombies with time constraint objectives. It’s not another physics puzzle, brain teaser, or thought provoking adventure, and instead is a great stress reliever. It’s also worth noting, that Glu did a good job in making the IAP more optional, than necessary.

Gears & Guts (Free, Universal) is an action packed game that is simply fun as you grind guts into the pavement with style.


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