Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast – Who You Gonna Call?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Brilliant idea | High quality AR design | Makes AR enjoyable | Nice location connection

The battles are all relatively the same | You don't have to actually go to locations

A Ghostbusters game for iOS, who you gonna call? XMG Studio. Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast is an augmented reality game infused with the official Ghostbusters theme. Augmented reality games have so much potential, but haven’t really tapped into it up until this point. Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast ties in Foursquare to provide ghosts at various locations near you. The in-game map is filled with various ghost sightings, and you pick one to battle.

The digital ghost is then overlaid on your camera feed so that you’re blasting the ghost in your actual surroundings. You can aim at ghosts at Starbucks, hotels, and various points around your city. The game is gyroscope enabled allowing you to spin 360 degrees with your Neutrona Wand and Proton Pack to aim, and fire. Once you deplete the ghosts’ energy, it’s time to capture it in your ghost trap by swiping down, and then tilting to suck the ghost up. There are all types of paranormal entities to collect, and each one captured increases the difficulty the next time around.

The game features calls, which are various missions to perform including capturing the librarian, getting a ghost at a coffee shop, and similar challenges. Each of the ghosts are presented with high resolution 3D to further immerse you and the ghosts into your surroundings. While there’s a great idea at work, the gameplay is extremely repetitive as you spin around and fire at each and every single ghost with no variations at all. The location connectivity sounds neat, but in reality you can play all items on the map at one location. For the locations, the game could set-up optional geo fences for certain ghosts to appear, especially since there’s already an optional offline mode. With all that said, it’s still an enjoyable game that is packed with Ghostbusters flair, and very different than the typical iOS fare.

Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast ($0.99, Universal) is the best augmented reality game in the App Store, that actually makes AR engaging and enjoyable, and worth picking up.


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