Girls Like Robots – Everyone Can Like This Logic Puzzler

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Nice and challenging logic puzzles | Different iOS fare | Adds personality, style, and story

Levels drag a bit | Repetitive in nature | Higher expectations | Like, not love

Puzzle games come in a wide variety, and on iOS there are some that are just too casual and simplistic. Some want some logic involved, and Girls Like Robots presents some nice challenging logic puzzles beyond the silly premise. It’s a tiled based puzzle game, but more importantly a seating arrangement game. Girls like to sit next to robots, nerds like to sit next to girls, but girls don’t like to sit next to nerds. That’s just one example of how the characters relate to one another, and there are 110 levels included of seating arrangements where each character has particular likes and dislikes.

As you advance through the levels, there’s a storyline introduced at four corners university where varying budding romances develop. That’s just Act I, and there are three acts in total offering a deluxe storyline to unveil that delivers the personality of the game. Adult Swim Games is known for their humorous style on iOS, and Girls Like Robots is no different from the likes and dislikes of each character, to the overall story. Every few levels introduces new characters with new preferences so you need to connect June to bugs, Ben to June, and deal with moving characters, animals, pie, and more. In each level, you need to fill the happiness meter, and there’s a three star scoring system based on how much happiness you deliver.

There’s always a new element introduced every few levels to keep the puzzles fresh, and increase the logic involved. This is a game for those that like to think, as you will need a plan of action going into every level based on the new mechanic introduced. There is definite frustration due to the challenge, but that’s what you expect with a logic puzzle game. The levels do end up dragging a bit, and they all begin to blend together due to the repetitive nature of seating arrangements in similar tile arrays.

Girls Like Robots ($0.99, Universal) will definitely put your brain to the test, and you’ll end up liking it as much as girls like robots, which turns out to be a lot. The premise and style provides the casual feel to introduce logic puzzles to a wide audience, and the overall personality and art are nicely designed and inviting. Girls Like Robots is worth picking up for some nice challenge made for all.


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One Comment on "Girls Like Robots – Everyone Can Like This Logic Puzzler"

  1. Jimmy Ice Cream October 15, 2012 at 11:25 AM -

    Big fan of this game. There’s been a recent surge in good iOS games, but this beats them all. I love the presentation, and the puzzle game itself is also pretty nifty. I sure haven’t grown tired of it yet. Maybe I just love pie.

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