Give It Up! – Tap To The Beat To Leap

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Tap to the beat | Great game flow | Nine unique tracks to play

Becomes a memorization challenge | Have to be perfect with tap timing


Do you have the rhythm in you? You’re going to need it in the new game Give It Up!, which is all about tapping to the beat. Rather than tapping buttons to play an instrument, you’re tapping to help a little blob bounce through a challenging world, with specific beats tied to jumping past varying obstacles. It’s a side scrolling platformer, where the little blob bounces automatically, and all you do is tap for a bigger jump. The screen is filled with a series of towers of varying height, and you only need to tap when the next tower is taller than the previous one.
There’s a simple structure that is surprisingly challenging as the levels swing quite substantially from hands off to hands on as the blob bounces along. You can watch for a bit, but then tap numerous times in quick succession all depending on how the level lays out. The background music has emphasized beats when a jump is upcoming to let you use audio in addition to the visual cues to know when to jump. Once you get the flow of the music, it feels good to tap in sequence with the beat to leap to different tower heights, and over spikes. One of the best parts of the game is that there are nine different unlockable tracks, and you need to complete each one to 100% in order to unlock the next. It’s an extreme challenge to make it to 100%, because you can’t make one mistake, and there are numerous difficult stretches to tap through.

The main drawback is that after you fail a few times, a given level comes down to memorization in tapping at the right time to get past the series of obstacles. The appeal of the game is trying to tap to the beat with quick action taps in a layout that surprises you with the sequence of obstacles. Since it’s always the same layout for a given track, the surprise is gone, and you just have to perform through every rise, and fall of the layout that you expect. Also, there are times when you think you tapped in time, but the game doesn’t respond, and after a few of these occurrences, you’re turned off by the whole experience. It would be better for the game to give the player the benefit of the doubt, and have a longer range of when you can tap, as you seem to need to tap perfectly in sequence. It’s still a quality challenge that will keep you coming back thanks to the nine tracks, and the feel once you nail the flow.

Give It Up! ($0.99, Universal) offers rhythm based fun that delivers a good time when you tap to the beat making it worth picking up. Be ready for a challenge though.

$0.99, Universal


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