Glint – Making Beautiful Matches With Ease

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Silky smooth touch controls | Fast paced action | Varied levels | Beautiful design

Core matching mechanic is still a bit repetitive | Visual effects set to lowest by default


There are so many matching games that it’s not even funny, and most of them match styles to make matters even worse. Glint is a brand new matching game that actually attempts to stand out rather than relying on the success of previous matching games. It’s a fast paced touch centric color matching game where colored orbs continue to rain down, and you simply swipe over matching colors to clear them off the board. New orbs continue coming in, so you need to be quick to make matches, otherwise you will be overrun with orbs. Luckily, the control scheme allows for rapid matching, and it’s such a silky smooth mechanic.
Glint does away with the bland gem swapping, and slow moving chained matches, and instead lets you just drag your finger over any of the same colors, even if there are gaps in between. Everything is designed to help you stay ahead of an overload of orbs, and the impending countdown clock. It’s a joy to interact with, and it’s equally entertaining to see the game in motion with such a bright and colorful design style. There truly is a glint to every match you make, and there’s simply such a high degree of detail that shines on retina displays. Every time you open the game, you can just be prepared to have a smile on your face with the way the game tantalizes your visual, and touch senses.

As good as the game looks, and controls, what really takes it to the next level is the overall structure. There are 100 levels, with every five introducing a new mechanic. You will be introduced to time bonus, the ability to tilt the board, nukes, and much more to increase the frantic nature of the game. The difficulty increases as you go with each new mechanic building upon the previous, so that there’s more, and more to contend with. The style also keeps things fresh, as you’re constantly introduced to new mechanics to subtly change the core gameplay of Glint.

Glint (Free, Universal) combines all of the different great elements together to make for the best matching game on iOS that is a must buy.


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