Globlins – Puzzle Poppin’ Fun For All Ages

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Unique puzzle set-up | Enjoyable chain reactions | Quality design

Levels blend together a bit | Can feel random at times


Puzzle games can take many forms, but sadly most puzzle games in the App Store adopt almost identical set-ups to try to replicate what’s popular. Cartoon Network has consistently gone out on their own, and they have a new unique puzzle game to fit that trend. Globlins is all about chain reactions as you try to explode all of the on screen alien globs. There are elements of Pudding Monsters, and Sneezies with a style unique to Globlins. Each glob can be enlarged by adding a drop of water, and you keep adding drops until the globs pop. Once they pop, the globs shoot out water in each direction, and that’s how the chain reactions begin.
Globlins comes with 40 main levels across four worlds with side missions along the way as well. There’s a new level set-up where each one is composed of a few stages, and you have a limited water drop total to be used across all stages. You can earn new drops by creating big chains, but you always need to be cognizant of that fact that your water drop total carries over. As you continue through the different worlds, new globs are introduced that explode in variety of different directions to create new twists. There are also more ornate glob layouts with forking environments, walls, bouncy blocks, and more. It’s easy to tell that a lot of time went into crafting each level to offer both challenge, and rewarding combos of huge chain reactions.

Another unique part of Globlins is that it comes with boss battles, which is a definite rarity for puzzle games. There are all new strategies involved, for instance you need to keep attacking one big glob that can heal itself with any little globs left over at the end of a stage. The biggest takeaway is that it’s simply enjoyable to watch the globs keep popping together when you pull off the right moves. It’s also effortless to play the game allowing you to focus on building up the smaller globs to then let loose the big reaction. To round out the package, there’s a great fun loving art style that fits the gameplay well.

Globlins ($1.99, Universal) is a new puzzle idea that is well executed to create a should buy for some puzzle poppin’ fun.


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