Goblin Sword – Slashing Into Classic Style With Skill

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Excellent level design | Continuous challenge & action | Great style

On screen controls can lead to mistakes | Could use optional checkpoints


Retro inspired games have made quite a home on iOS to give new life to classics games with all new inspiration. Goblin Sword is an action RPG platformer taking cues from the past to create an action packed slash, and dash through various monsters. The style has been seen before numerous times, but Goblin Sword focuses on maximizing the essence of the genre. There’s a continuous supply of enemies to battle through to keep you constantly moving, jumping, and slashing your sword. The enemies take a few swipes to get through, and there’s a lot of precision jumping sequences like any good platformer.
Goblin Sword does a great job of giving you the best of action RPG, and platformer, combined into one for a consistent challenge. There are 48 levels included spread across multiple environments that keep introducing more difficult enemies. The game includes boss battles too, but you can always upgrade your equipment for the minimal RPG components. The heart of Goblin Sword is precisely moving through the jumps, and enemies, which can be overwhelming at times. There’s also hidden treasure chests, and crystals that are out of the way, and even behind walls to appeal to the explorer in you.

Another highlight of Goblin Sword is the level design, and difficulty balance to keep the challenge constant. The enemies, jumps, and hidden items are all placed so well to keep you constantly on edge as you move through the levels. One drawback in Goblin Sword is the touch control scheme with on-screen buttons that do get the job done, but aren’t always as precise as needed for how much is demanded of the buttons based on the level design. You will lose a few hearts from pressing jump instead of attack, or not moving out of the way when you want. Also, the levels get to the point where you will lose lives pretty quickly, and it would be nice for the game to offer optional checkpoints. It’s can be disappointing to lose the work in finding hidden items, and then repetitive to do the same steps over again.

Goblin Sword ($0.99, Universal) offers classic challenge for inspired engagement that you should buy.

$0.99, Universal


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