Godfire – Does It Rank With The Titans Of The App Store?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Deluxe 3D graphics engine | Grand scale boss battles | Engaging campaign

No much variety in combat | Gameplay is overly simplistic | Game pacing oddities


Are you ready for a mythical battle with the Gods, as that’s what’s in store for you with the brand new game Godfire. We got to preview the game at GDC & E3, and now the deluxe 3D combat game from the makers of Real Boxing is now available worldwide. The game is fashioned after the God of War series, but made for mobile devices. At first glance, you can tell that Godfire is something special, and not just the typical iOS fare. The game offers an absolutely gorgeous 3D design that depicts deluxe animated combat sequences, and ornately desolate Greek environments. It takes more than visuals to make a game, and Godfire is trying to deliver a 3D combat adventure in full form for iOS.
The heart of Godfire is the combat as you move through a series of enemy encounters, usually facing three enemies at once. There are virtual buttons, and joystick to control all of the action to either move, perform light/heavy attacks, or block. You get to play as the Titan Prometheus, who wields dual blades to dispatch various minions, and huge bosses. The ultimate goal is to wrestle the Godfire Spark away from the gods, and provide it to mankind to help turn the tables. The story isn’t the most in-depth, but still provides some great looking cut scenes that keep you interested throughout the single player campaign. There are seven chapters to play through with each one quite expansive to create about three hours of gameplay. You can also unlock two additional difficulties, and an endless survival mode to offer more Godfire play time.

The game is a bit like Infinity Blade, but rather than deliberate combat sequences of attack, and defense periods, there’s a free flowing set-up. You have a few enemies to battle at once with the ability to roll out of the way of attacks, and continuously switch between the enemies you’re targeting. The game is so free flowing that enemies can damage each other, and all of the action is depicted with authentic physics, and motions infused with some blood squirting. The one problem with the combat is that it’s quite simplistic in scope, so that most battles feel almost exactly the same. It’s also overly simplistic at times for some bland button tapping that never really challenges you. Each of the seven regions offers a unique design, and layout to explore, and simply appreciate, but all of the minions you face, end up playing exactly the same.
The highlight of Godfire is the boss battles with huge scale enemies to take down with specific sequences to attack, and dodge. The bosses truly feel like they would battle for the Gods, and the bosses are the only times that you will be threatened to die, and even die. You can always replay the game at a higher difficulty, but you can’t choose it from the get go, and there’s not much incentive to play the campaign through again, since the game has such a linear progression. The game is a bit on the short side for the premium price point, but the balance of $7 for three hours is definitely worth it for all that’s included. Part of the enjoyment is simply watching the combat sequences in motion, and just taking in all that’s in the varying environments.

Though it might not be that long, or that difficult, it still keeps you actively engaged enough to want to finish the entire campaign. It would be nice to see more complexities to the battles, or a little more variety in the basic enemies, but that doesn’t take away from what is included. The gameplay isn’t nearly as advanced as the graphics engine, and is definitely simplified. Also one disappointing aspect is that your character’s face remains frozen throughout the game, no matter what happens. The game flow is a bit odd as well with specific periods where Prometheus puts his swords away for a second only for new enemies to come out, requiring him to unsheathe them. There are also basic puzzle elements with block sliding and picture twisting, which make sense as a change of pace in theory, but the implementation is so simplistic that they’re more of a waste of time.

Godfire ($6.99, Universal) is an ambitious iOS title that delivers a grand scale combat adventure for iOS that is graphically deluxe with somewhat simplified gameplay making it a should buy.


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