Gold Diggers – Best Way Out Of A Hole Is To Stop Digging

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Each layer offers a unique twist | Good flow to the overall game

Becomes very repetitive quite quickly | Same set-up every run | No incentive to keep playing


Thar’s gold in them thar mines, and it’s time for an endless dig into the earth to get to that gold. Gold Diggers is a new game from the makers of Munch Time, and Sticky that provides an endless digging game, reminiscent of Super Mole Escape. You pilot a steam punk powered digging train trying to collect as much gold as possible while dodging spinning flames, rickety mine rails, molten lava, giant worms, and more. Your train has three cards, which means you can make three mistakes before it’s game over, and you control the action with a simple slider at the bottom of the screen. The endless set-up is obvious, but the game also features different layers that provide unique challenges as you descend.
The first run is highly entertaining, but the law of diminishing returns hits this game especially hard. It’s a high quality challenging endless game at first, especially when you encounter the huge mother worm, and lava realm. With that said, each layer comes in the same exact sequence every time you play, and the familiarity breeds extreme repetitiveness. The game feels even more bland and familiar due to the close similarities to Super Mole Escape. Gold Diggers is a perfect example of how the endless genre can grow extremely tired very quickly. There are plenty of power-ups and upgrades, but they cost gold at an extreme level to what you earn in game. There’s virtually no incentive to replay the game after a couple tries leaving a dry husk of a game when you’re done.

Gold Diggers (Free, Universal) is promising at first glance, but digs itself into a repetitive hole fairly quickly making it one to skip.


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