Golfinity – Mini-Golfing To Infinity, And Beyond

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Great game of mini-golf | Smooth controls | Beautiful hole design | So many holes to play

Tough to judge depth at times | No way to speed slow animations | No way to restart quickly


Mini-golf is a highly enjoyable pastime, but sadly hasn’t translated well to iOS. There sure have been a lot of attempts, but most have trouble with either the controls, course layouts, or ball physics. We’re always on the lookout for a new mini-golf game, and now there’s Golfinity from the makers of  Tiny TowerPocket PlanesPocket Frogs. It’s nice to see them change it up from another simulation game to offer their take on mini-golf, which comes in the form of an endless number of holes to play.
Golfinity provides a minimalistic design that presents a colored hole on a single screen floating in white space. Each hole offers a unique challenge with each one building upon elements from everyday mini-golf including hills, pits, blocks, and more. On the flip side, there are nuances highlighted by stairs, gaps, loops, and floating platforms with no boundaries. With the infinite supply of holes, the game keeps mixing these various elements together, while stringing them together for greater complexity. It’s always a fresh challenge, and there’s a continuous supply of surprises to golf through by pressing the next button. The holes all look quite fetching as well in the shapes, and colors used floating in the white void.

The best part of Golfinity may be the controls, as they couldn’t be simpler, while still offering precision. You simply tap, and drag anywhere on screen to adjust the aim, and power of your shot with a dashed line showing your adjustments. The controls get out of the way to let you focus on the inherent mini-golf challenge. The ball has its own physics, so it’s not truly authentic, but the physics engine fits in with the void environment of the game, while remaining consistent across the holes. There’s simply a refined package that is extremely engaging making it so easy to just keep going on to the next hole. It’s simply fun to knock the ball around each new layout which continues to challenge you with either a three, or four par rating. Your score is consistent across all of the holes to tie together the long run type approach of an infinite supply of levels.
The difficulty increases at a quality rate, so that every hole requires your full attention if you’re aiming for a birdie. One of the neatest aspects is that since you can see the entire hole, you can tell when some holes are ones to attack aggressively for a low score, and others are best to punt on, and just try to get par. It’s easy to get lost spending more time than you intended going from hole to hole, so keep that in mind. While most of the game is expertly crafted, there are a few annoyances. At times, it’s tough to gauge the depth of field in some of the levels that have layered layouts, or varying ramps. Also, there are some frustrating collisions at times, and it would be nice to speed up the animations when your ball flies off screen. The game is completely free to enjoy with the ability to watch a video ad to replay a hole, which means you can fully enjoy Golfinity without spending anything. You do have to complete a hole to restart because of this system, even when you send three shots completely off screen to start a hole.

Golfinity (Free, Universal) is an excellently crafted game of mini-golf that provides hours of challenging entertainment making it a must have.

Free, Universal


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