GolfStar – Shooting For Par, Comes Up With Bogey

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5

Beautifully designed 3D golfing simulation engine | Great physics & visuals

Three hole set-up | Heart energy system | Overall bland experience | Poor interface


It’s a great time of the year for golf with The Masters this past weekend leading into weekly tournaments, and three more major championships. There are a number of golf games on iOS, but full 3D simulations have seemed to fallen by the wayside with EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and Gameloft’s Real Golf not releasing major new versions since 2011. There are a number of other golf games with arcade or mini-golf styles, but Com2Us has stepped in to try to fill the void for 3D golf simulation games on iOS with the release of GolfStar. The first thing you notice is the 3D graphics engine to present finely detailed courses to golf on.
GolfStar also features a deluxe golf physics engine for the ball to be impacted by the force of the swing, angle of impact, various terrain, and other physical elements of a golf course. There’s a deluxe simulation engine at work to give you a relatively authentic golfing experience on the go. The engine is just one part of GolfStar, and all of the other aspects take away from that authentic simulation feel. The main drawback is the overall set-up which presents you with multiple levels of three holes at a time. You would think in a golf simulation game, you could play full courses, or play more than small chunks which should be reserved for mini golf games.

The game is packed with features, but they’re all restricted behind various freemium mechanics. The game features multiple courses, and five different game modes, but you have to grind through the game course for double digit levels to unlock just the first alternate mode, and course. The freemium aspect also is tied into the simplistic three hole set-up so that it costs five hearts to play three holes, and you have to wait or purchases hearts to keep playing. Com2Us seems to be aiming for a super casual endless game with a deluxe golf simulation engine, and both aspects are at odds leaving a bland experience. There’s nothing truly unique, engaging, or intriguing to keep playing through the same sets of three holes over, and over. The interface is also surprisingly bad with so many stutters, and hesitations when moving between menus.

GolfStar (Free, Universal) provides a deluxe 3D golf simulation engine, but comes up short everywhere else. It’s such a super simple repetitive grind, and that doesn’t even take into account the timers, play restrictions, and locked features behind pay walls. All of the other pieces of the game tear down the simulation engine leaving a crater devoid of enjoyment.


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