Granny Smith – A Tasty Apple For Apple Devices

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Packed with personality | Great speed and stunts | High quality design

Somewhat repetitive with two control system | Could use an endless mode

There’s nothing quite like playing a game about apples on an Apple device. Granny Smith is an action packed roller skating platformer where Granny is out to get back her stolen apples from the thief. In each level, Granny roller skates automatically, and you tap one side to jump over obstacles or gaps, and tap the other for granny to slide along wires with her cane. It’s unlike anything else in the App Store, and there are 48 levels of hectic action where you’re racing down hill at high speeds, and performing all kinds of jumps.

It’s hilarious and exciting to watch Granny perform backflips and frontflips while crashing through mines, houses, and more. There’s never a dull moment with each level set-up as a race to the finish line as you not only need to avoid all of the obstacles, but also outpace the thief. Each level introduces new obstacles, and there’s great speed throughout for continued challenge and engagement to want to play through all of the included levels.

The game also features a great visual design with a 3D style, and outstanding polish and charm. There’s also a deluxe physics engine, so Granny responds to the environment accurately, and allows for great animations for the various stunts. The game also features vintage film replays, and a three star scoring system to further enhance the replay factor. There’s so much to like about Granny Smith as it truly delivers the total package that is simply fun each time you play. A recent update also added support for the new iPad and iPhone 5, as well as 12 new space levels.

Granny Smith ($0.99, Universal) is packed with charm and entertainment making it a should buy that is one tasty Apple.


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