Green Game TimeSwapper – Time Warp Versus Teleportation

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

New game mechanic | Quality design

Tedious gameplay | Bothersome control scheme

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Red Game Without A Great Name launched last July to offer a portal based platformer in which you draw a path from where your bird is to where you want it to be to avoid obstacles against a red backdrop. We enjoyed the game in our review, and now there’s a sequel in the form of Green Game TimeSwapper. You don’t need to be familiar with the original to pick up Green Game TimeSwapper, but there is a connection as a mad scientist has continued experiments on the bird to offer you a new ability. In Green Game, you can manipulate time by dragging across the screen, rather than teleporting the bird. The backdrop is green, yet there’s a similar black foreground the create a silhouetted design.
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Green Game TimeSwapper offers 50 levels filled with obstacles, and in each one the bird flies automatically. All you do is drag on the screen to shift time backwards and forwards to change various items in the environment to propel the bird towards the goal. There are smoke stacks to push the bird in different directions, and there are walls that crumble at the right time. The smoke stacks only activate at specific times, and you will need to shift time quickly to activate one smoke plume, deactivate another, and keep the bird away from spikes and other dangers. It’s a fresh idea that is a nice change of pace from the original, and other games on the App Store.

Red Game Without A Great Name offered a quick pace that required quick reactions and proper timing to get the bird through the danger filled levels. Green Game TimeSwapper feels like quite a different game with a much slower pace that requires deliberate movements, and drawn out timing. Green Game becomes quite tedious as you need to wait for the slow moving bird to get past one obstacle to then be able to shift time to help the bird clear the next obstacle. The game becomes more frustrating than fun as you try to open the path forward, but if the bird is still in range of the last smoke plume or crumbling wall, you will die. Shifting time is as simple as swiping the screen, but the controls require a lot of movement, and it’s another tedious aspect to swipe enough to shift the time.

Green Game TimeSwapper ($2.99, Universal) has a promising pedigree with a new idea, but sadly suffers in gameplay execution making it one to skip.

$2.99, Universal


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