Grid Diary – Giving You Daily Incentive To Write

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Incentive to write daily | Smooth interface | Great question based format

iPhone only | No support for pictures, links, or location


It’s a good idea to keep a diary/journal to take note of the varied things that happen in our respective lives. Sometimes it’s hard to start from scratch when looking at a blank page. Grid Diary is attempting to do away with this problem with a new question based format to get the ball rolling on describing your day. It’s a rather ingenious implementation, offering eight questions to respond to per day. The best part, is that you can pick which questions to respond to, and choose to have set questions everyday or a random selection.
Prompts can be the key to actually getting you invested in writing a daily diary. The app also supports valuable features with push notifications reminding you to write, passcode lock, export options, and iCloud data back-up/syncing. The feature set provides the necessary backend to let you just focus on jotting a few things down every day. The interface is also well done, and supports both orientations with different perspectives. When in portrait mode, you have a question list to scroll though and write within. In landscape mode there’s a 3 x 3 grid with eight questions surrounding a center square that lets you input weather, and a star rating. There’s also an easy to use calendar view and powerful search window with swipe gestures to move through every section of the app.

The most important part of any diary app is actually getting you to use it, because the feature set and interface are irrelevant if you never open the app. That’s where Grid Diary shines, because you have potentially new prompts to respond to each day, rather than a blank canvas. You always have the option of an open scribe, but the questions can inspire you, and even get you thinking about different topics. It’s a very well made app, but is missing a few features including iPad support, pictures, time stamp, and location support that other similar apps offer.

Grid Diary ($3.99, Universal) is a valuable resource to help you keep track of your days on your iPhone.


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