Gunner Z – Shooting Zombies Shrouded In Darkness

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Fast paced zombie shooting action | Some intense stretches | Intriguing night vision

Repetitive set-up | Could use an alternate mode | Upgrades are essential & IAP based


Get ready to take control of a machine gun on an armored vehicle as you set to do battle with waves of the undead. Gunner Z is a new zombie shooter, but changes it up by giving you a gunner’s perspective for some true annihilation potential. Another twist is that the zombies are being lead by a general to utilize them in the best ways to come at you. The game also forces you to contend with aerial drones, tanks, and trucks equipped with rocket turrets. The result is an action packed shooter that is presented in night mode. The visual style is a definite stand out as everything is dark except for the enemies, which provide quite a contrast with the fluorescent white zombies to blast through.
The game definitely stands out for its looks, similar to the developers first effort, Lili, which is an Unreal engine powered 3D puzzle adventure. Gunner Z uses the same backend tech, but is outfitted with a brand new style. It’s quite a treat to see it in motion with deluxe explosions, and the fluorescent goo spewing from killed zombies. To control the action you simply drag your finger across the screen to aim, and then tap a single button to fire. The game requires your constant attention as enemies can come at you from 360 degrees, so you will need to actively spin the camera. There are over 30 missions to battle through all offering a slightly unique scenario with greater enemy arsenal in addition to the zombies.

There are a number of valuable features, but the one consistency is that each mission plays out relatively the same. The set-up breeds repetition of spinning the camera, aiming at the target, and mowing them down. The game could use an alternate mode, or some type of transitionary element to switch things up from the 360 degree fixed position gameplay. Another aspect of the game is that it’s free to play, and the set-up unfortunately gets in the way. There are numerous ways to upgrade your armored vehicle, but they all are pretty costly. There are four different categories of in-app purchases to contend with, and any upgrade you pick up takes a considerable amount of time to install. To make matters worse, you can only perform one upgrade at a time, unless you speed up the timer, and you also need to use in-game bucks to repair your vehicle. It seems everything you do in the game inspired a new pop-up about spinning money, or waiting for something. The biggest problem is that the game is balanced in such a way that upgrades are essential to advance through the missions requiring you to spend money, or wait a very long time.

Gunner Z (Free, Universal) is really more of the same in the App Store, and each mission within this game plays out relatively the same. The in-app purchase system is extremely overbearing limiting your ability to play the game. Gunner Z looks good, but that’s about all it has going for it making it one to steer clear of.


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