Half-Inch Heist – A Finger Driven Diamond Heist

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 1/5

Fast paced arcade action | Imaginative idea all about touch | Great retro style

In desperate need of optional checkpoints | Playing the same repetitive beginning sequences

There’s nothing like classic arcade games where you put in quarters to play, and even more quarters to continue your best games. Half-Inch Heist has all of the features of a classic arcade game, but applied to iOS. The game is all about a diamond heist, and you goal is to steal the diamond away from the evil Dr. Puss, and making it through his complex security system. The game is all about touch as you tap on the diamond, and then drag your finger around the screen to move the diamond in an attempt to dodge the intricacies of the security system.

Half-Inch Heist is a bit like Tilt To Live, but instead of tilting you’re dragging your finger. The touch controls need to be super responsive to precisely maneuver your way around, and they definitely are. It’s great that if you lift your finger you instantly lose, but the one problem is that the diamond moves slower than your finger. You begin by dodging missiles, and then work your way up to avoiding lasers, moving through constricting mechanical arms, and slicing through moving walls. The heart of the game is the boss battles with seven unique bosses to battle through with each one presenting an over the top robotic enemy.

As soon as you lose, the game lets you continue for 300 coins, which correlates to the classic quarter games. The biggest drawback is that while it’s an excellent idea, it’s just not fleshed out. When you lose, you have to restart from the beginning, and you end up playing the same sequences over and over. Checkpoints would do wonders so you could have the choice to restart from the beginning, or restart from the last boss you beat. As is, it just feels very repetitive and frustrating as one mistake ends your best run, and mistakes can come from the diamond slightly trailing behind your finger.

Half-Inch Heist (Free, iPhone) offers a great game concept, but with poor execution leaving it as one to skip. The game also lacks iPhone 5 or iPad support, and just not much incentive to play after a couple of times.


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