Hammer Bomb – Up Close And Personal Dungeon Crawler

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great first person perspective idea and execution | Immersive 3D mazes | Neat to see a map take shape

Lacks impending doom while you're playing | Sometimes fails to recognize actions

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Prepare to descend through dungeons in the new iOS game, Hammer Bomb. The differentiator of Hammer Bomb is that it provides a first person perspective to put you in the shoes of the hero in this dungeon crawler. You’re given 3D mazes to make your way through in an attempt to find crystals and loot, complete quests, and defeat enemies. There’s a 3D voxel art style to immerse you in the corridors of the 3D mazes, and come face to face with the varied enemies.
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Hammer Bomb presents an endless descent through randomized dungeons, and you get to see the map develop as you make your way through the dungeon. The game comes down to swipe controls to maneuver through the pathways, and you uncover the corridors with each step that you take. The dungeon crawler genre isn’t always the most accessible, but Hammer Bomb makes it nice and easy with swipe to move, tap to attack, and the first person perspective to put you right in the action.

The 3D maze style of Hammer Bomb has its own appeal as you get to move through corridors in an attempt to find collectibles and the exit, while dealing with enemies. It’s fun to see each dungeon take shape, and that includes finding chests to equip weapons that include swords, arrows, and of course hammers and bombs. There is a big boss battle in every fifth stage, and they’re quite challenging with the first person perspective that makes it tough to see the enemy attack. The game is free to play with the ability to spend coins or watch a video ad to continue during a run. The coins are relatively accessible, and are mainly used for permanent upgrades to show enemies on the map, add weapon slots, and similar upgrades. The game would benefit from a time constraint, or no ability to continue a run, as the current construction lacks the idea of impending doom. Runs can go on for extended stretches with limited challenge with some lost hearts coming from the game occasionally not recognizing tap to attack.

Hammer Bomb (Free, Universal) delivers a nice change of pace with an immersive dungeon crawler that is well worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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