Hank Hazard – Performing Stunts With A Hamster

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 4.5/5

Perfect balance | Intricately designed levels | High replay factor | Great design | Fun

Levels go a bit quick | Could always use more levels

Stuntmen seem to be a dying breed, and that’s why there is Hank Hazard the stunt hamster. Hank Hazard is a new physics puzzle game from Chillingo where the Hamster is encased in a ball, and is ready to perform all kinds of stunts while dealing with fire, electricity, bombs, and more. The game includes 90 levels with the traditional three star scoring system, and you can’t help, but compare this game to Cut The Rope with the three objects to collect, cute main character, and physics puzzle levels. Unlike many other games of this sort, this one has a much more arcade feel which means there’s more action, and more timing needed on your part.

From the first level you will be instantly hooked because each level is so intricately well designed, and they flow together so well. Each level seems to stand along with a completely new feel, and not just the same levels with obstacles added in like many other games in the genre. The scoring system is remarkable as well with three stars to collect during the level, as well as a nut achievement by reaching certain heights, specific speeds, or in a set number of moves. You won’t want to advance to the next level until you get three stars and nut, which is always the sign of a great game with a high replay factor.

Hank Hazard ($0.99, iPhone) features phenomenal gameplay that you can play in short bursts or enjoy for hours at a time. The entire design is as smooth as can be, and it’s great to see the stunt filled levels in motion. There’s really nothing not to like, and it can appeal to every and all iOS owners. There’s never a dull moment, and this game has all the makings to be the next hit in the App Store.

Hank Hazard is a must buy that perfects the stunt of creating a great iOS game, and you would be crazy not to pick it up.


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