Happy Street – Building A Bountiful Boardwalk Of Smiles

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Packed with personality & charm | Great objective set-up | So much to strive for

Still a building game | Some actions can become repetitive fairly quickly

There are so many freemium simulation games on the App Store now, and sadly most of them all blend together. Happy Street dares to stand out with a charming design, and plenty of personality. The game comes from the makers of iBlast Moki, and begins with a fox setting out to start a village in the forest. Your Happy Street then begins as new animal friends move in, and you start to add businesses to create a bustling street.

The best aspect of Happy Street is that it gets rid of the tedious nature of the genre, and strips out the feel of being a time sink. You’re left with a very enjoyable simulation experience that lets you focus on building your street. From the very first building, you’re given a constant stream of objectives to shoot for so that there’s always something to do when you launch the game. It’s great to see your street expand, and come to life with animal characters moving about. Every single character and building is packed with detail and style, so that it’s always exciting to see what comes next as you complete tasks, level up, and expand your street.

There are tons of intricacies that distinguish the game from the crowd including buildings that offer mini-games. As your street expands, you unlock new areas including the forests and mines as well as open interactive places including a kitchen and workshop. You can also craft and cook items as well as fish that can complement and enhance your street and characters. There are also animals that drive by on your street, and you can tap on them so that they visit and interact with your street. As more animals visit, you build up your love meter which when full, unleashes fiesta mode where there’s a spending spree on all of your businesses.

One of the neatest aspects, is that when your building runs out of stock, there’s a button to tap on to restock in an instant without multiple items, menus, or time constraints. The game is just packed with things to do, and there’s just so much to keep coming back to and looking forward to with each new item you can build. The animal character collection is reminiscent of Animal Crossing, and the entire experience is a breath of fresh air for iOS. The game also packs personality into every pixel with a cute art design, and tons of creativity in the building choices and text bubbles. It is a freemium game with in-app purchases to increase the rate of expansion, but this is the most optional implementation I’ve yet seen in the genre.

Happy Street (Free, Universal) is one of the best simulation games in the App Store that delivers a wonderful iOS experience that will bring a smile to your face like no other in the genre.


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