Har•mo•ny – Colorful Puzzle Pieces Flowing Together

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Design elements flow together harmoniously | Well designed puzzles

Repetitive within a level sequence | Takes awhile to get going | IAP based skips/undos


Puzzle games, and colors seem to go hand in hand recently, almost living in harmony as seen in Kami, Strata, Blip Blup, Blendoku, and more. Har•mo•ny is a new iOS puzzle game that relies on creating color palettes by just swapping colored blocks. The game begins by simply offering three colors spread across nine squares in a three by three grid. Blocks can only be moved vertically, and horizontally, and each block has a specific number of moves that have to be used. The levels start out simply enough to get you familiar with the mechanics, and then you’re introduced to multiple colors from four to ten different colored blocks to arrange in a specific color palette order.
There are over 1000 levels to play through with each one offering an iOS 7 style design complete with a flat board layout, and pastel coloring. It’s effortless to control the action as you just tap on the two blocks that you want to swap, and the color ranges are nice, and distinct. Each level has a specific color at the top and bottom, and as you progress through the levels the color range in between starts to make sense. When you’re dealing with multiple colors it makes sense how the palette flows from blue to yellow, and the middle color ranges. The game style is actually quite reminiscent of Blendoku, but with a different gameplay mechanic.

The most notable aspect is how the levels flow together, so that the next one is always ready to play. There’s a well designed difficulty curve to keep the challenge consistent, while making sure plays never feel overwhelmed, or seem too easy. The harmonious theme is definitely tied into the level design as well as the art style, and background music. It’s simply a highly polished experience, though it can wear a little repetitive since the levels do blend together. There are times where you want to jump ahead to the next segment that adds in another color to the mix, but instead you have to make your way through more of the same set of puzzles. The game gives you a taste of the next challenge every ten levels, but a set of 100 levels mostly features a lot of redundancy that could be clipped. Having 1000 levels with redundancy can be worse than 100 levels of a consistent upgrade in difficulty. Another minor drawback is that there’s no hint system, and the undo and skip buttons are tied into in-app purchases.

Har•mo•ny ($0.99, Universal) is worth picking up for an immersive puzzle experience bursting with color.


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