Haze – The Balance Of Design & Functionality Is Hazy

2.5 Overall Score
Usability: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5

High quality design | Intuitive gestures & animated backgrounds

No doppler radar | Only one location | Weather info not that accurate | Same basic weather info

Weather apps keep blowing into the App Store with each new one trying to top the last. The weather app genre is surprisingly intriguing with so much innovative design to present the same relative information. Haze is the latest weather app, and it comes from Robocat, the excellent design studio behind Outside, Thermo, and Ultraviolet. The main distinguisher of Haze is an animated and gesture driven interface that shares some similarities to Clear and Solar.

You’re presented with a heat map style design, and there are three different pages in the app. The first page provides the temperature, and the background continuously slides up or down depending on if tomorrow’s temperature will be higher or lower. You can tap on the temperature orb to bring up five other pieces of weather info with high, low, wind direction, wind speed, and feels like temp. You can also swipe down to bring up the five day forecast. The other two pages offer the same functionality, but with different weather info.

You can swipe left or right to move to the other pages, and to the left is the sunshine tab. The app provides how many hours of sunlight on the main orb, and then you can view sunrise, sunset, current condition, cloud percentage, and UV index. A swipe to the right brings up the precipitation page with percentage chance, barometric pressure, humidity, and umbrella indicator. Both pages also feature a five day forecast with a swipe down as well as an animated background to indicate if tomorrow will be more or less than today. Haze is definitely high on style, and delivers all of the weather factoids crisply and succinctly with nice gestures and animations to enhance the numbers. There are also unlockable themes to change the color scheme, like Clear, but the themes only apply to the temperature page.

Haze provides plenty of value to check each day, but it mostly suffers from stiff competition in the weather app genre. There are apps with equally great design quality, and even more weather info including Doppler radar. Haze also lacks multiple location support, and isn’t always accurate on the current location’s weather.

Haze ($0.99, iPhone) feels like another also ran in the genre as it seems most weather apps these days include high quality design, gestures, and all the weather info you could want. Haze is worth skipping because it doesn’t provide any incentive to use it over other weather apps.

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