Heads Up! Hot Dogs – There’s A Hot Dog On My Head!

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Throughly enjoyable & engaging arcade style | Packed with personality | Great design & controls

Somewhat repetitive as the mechanic doesn't change | Could use another game mode

What do you do when it rains hot dogs? Why, place them on the heads of passersby of course. At least that’s what you do in Heads Up! Hot Dogs, which is the latest game published by Adult Swim. They have built up quite a stable of games, and Heads Up Hot Dogs fits in perfectly with kooky arcade fun. You drag and drop the hot dogs on the heads of people who walk by, and you try to balance them in the middle so they can walk off screen with the hot dog still rested on their head.

It’s a fast paced arcade style as you keep dragging and dropping as new hot dogs come in, and there’s a three second rule for the hot dogs to stay on the ground. The challenge comes not only from speed, but also the variety of the people so you need to place hot dogs on businessmen, runners, hipsters, cops, and more that all move at varying speeds. Your score racks up quick as the hot dogs balance on their heads, and it’s surprisingly enjoyable to keep the hot dogs flowing.

The game also features multiple environments allowing you to perform your best hot dog stacking in New York, Chicago, London, Beijing, and more. There’s classic retro pixelated graphics and chiptunes to fit the arcade style. The entire package is simply packed with personality to further enhance the entertainment value highlighted by the looks on people’s faces when you place the hot dogs on their heads. There’s great intrinsic replayability, and then you can unlock new places, earn medals, and complete achievements. The game is designed so well, and the style is top notch as you try to balance the hot dogs on quick movers as it all comes down to momentum.

Heads Up! Hot Dogs ($0.99, Universal) is hilarious as it is enjoyable to make it a should buy that is one tasty treat.


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