Hellraid: The Escape – Rising Above The App Store Darkness

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4/5

Immersive experience | Orante 3D environments | Tactile controls

A bit on the short side | Some frustrating sequences


Is there a fate worse than death? The answer is yes, if you were in the situation of the protagonist in the new games Hellraid: The Escape. You’re pitted in a labyrinth of dungeons filled with demonic creatures, and torturous traps, all controlled by a dark wizard. It’s up to you to find a way out, and escape eternal damnation in this 3D puzzle adventure. The game is a bit similar to The Room in terms of style, but offers up a whole new setting with an intriguing puzzle set-up.
Each chamber offers an intense challenge with numerous ways to die as you figure out the path forward. Luckily, or unluckily, your soul keeps transferring between bodies in this labyrinth, so that you can keep fighting demons, and challenges. The main idea is to use your brain above all else to piece together how the different elements of a given chamber work together. There’s an intricate design, so that the puzzles build on top of each other. The game does a good job of making nothing too obvious, and you will end up in numerous stretches where you can feel stumped, and frustrated at times. The solution is out there though, and you may need to just take a step back, and think. The game also does a good job of focusing on touch with different mechanics used to interact with the highly detailed 3D objects.

The storyline is also quite intriguing with little note scraps developing the dire situation that you’re in. One of the main highlights is the variety in each chamber, so that each one presents a unique challenge that doesn’t rely on the mechanics used before. The entire game is crafted into an extremely immersive experience with the 3D graphics engine, tactile touch controls, and the sheer puzzle challenge included. One drawback is that the game features seven main chambers with each one not taking too long to get through, so it’s a bit on the short side. You can’t argue with all that is included though, for just $3.

Hellraid: The Escape ($2.99, Universal) is a must have iOS title that you will throughly enjoy in more ways than one.


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