Help Me Fly – Needs More Help To Get Off The Ground

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

High quality design | Easy to pick up & play

Very bland gameplay style | Repetitive level set-up | No hint system


Many puzzle games on iOS are sadly overly simplistic in an attempt to appeal to as many people as possible. On the flip side, there are a number of high quality brain teasing puzzle games that actually require some thought to make it through the “puzzles”. Help Me Fly attempts to join the party along the lines of Strata, Go Round, Blip Blup, and more by delivering a block based puzzle game. Your goal is to get power from the battery to the toy plane, and you do so by dragging, and dropping blocks to make a connecting power line. There are 60 levels that rely on fixed pieces, rotatable blocks, energy beams, wireless power transfers, and more.
The game starts out easy enough, but once you reach level ten you will be stumped numerous times. It’s not necessarily that tough to get energy to the plane, but each level has strategically placed stars that you try to get power to as well. It’s quite a challenge to connect all of the given stars in a level as well, and that’s what can offer a nice replay factor. The most surprising aspect of the game is that with the plane style, and flying theme you would expect to actually control the plane in some form. Instead the game aligns more with a Tangram puzzle of precisely placing blocks across the board. The level usually just offers three, or four pieces with each one requiring a very specific position. One disappointing omission is some form of hint system as an option when you’re absolutely stumped, especially since you need to earn almost every star before advancing to the next set of levels.

The more you play Help Me Fly, the more unremarkable it becomes. The graphic style is high quality along the lines of Pudding Monsters, but the levels themselves are relatively uninteresting. A lot of the solutions just blend together, and most of the time you’re just going through the motions of trial and error with just a few possible pieces. The gameplay never really changes, nor does it stand out in such a crowded App Store. There’s also little incentive to continue to go through the repetitive level patterns with just a few changes across the 60 different levels. It’s odd that the innate challenge in some of the levels can be so uninteresting with the basic game board, one proper solution, and many pieces that can’t be rotated.

Help My Fly ($0.99, Universal) doesn’t fly with the best brain teasing puzzle games in the App Store, and instead relies too heavily on a bland familiar mechanic.


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